Monthly Archives: October 2017

Workshop update.

Since last week the workshop has received new windows and had the plastering done.

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Service: Record Geneve rattrapante, moon-face,date/Venus calibre 190

A client sent in this rare beast after we agreed I would not be held accountable if anything was to go wrong;) The watch is running but the second second recorder does not reset to zero position. 

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Workshop update

The front door has been raised 15cm to accommodate for the raised floor. The outer door is not nearly secure enough for a workshop. So I have fitted a super heavy duty steel door. We have also fitted the insulated … Continue reading

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Service: Omega Geneve calibre 1030

It’s not as popular as earlier Omega movements, but I like the 1030. This customer watch is in very good original condition underneath the damaged crystal and only needs a routine service. 

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Service: Junghans Max Bill Calibre 83

A client sent in his lovely Junghans Automatic with a dial designed by legendary Bauhaus designer Max Bill. It’s preforming a little erratically and could benefit from a service. 

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