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Longines chronograph calibre: Valjoux 7733

This Longines looks close to unused and I doubt it’s ever been opened before. This is a late 70’s diving chronograph with a depth meter built in the crystal. This works where there is a red marker inside a tube … Continue reading

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Service Gallet: Excelior Park calibre 42.

I got this interesting Gallet commander. It’s in need of a service as it randomly keeps stopping.

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Rescue Omega Mark II Speedmaster

A customer has sent in his sad looking Speedmaster. It’s not running and will not wind. Nothing a little TLC can’t fix;)

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Like new! Service Eterna 1408U

This Eterna has probably never been serviced before, the case has never been polished and it still features the original crystal.

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Project: Revue Sport calibre: 59

This watch was issued to the German army during WW2 and it looks to have been assaulted by various watchmakers since then… There are a few parts missing, but it’s mostly complete and I think it deserves a second chance.

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