Service King Seiko 45-7001

A good customer has sent in his King Seiko for a routine service and crystal change. This model features the legendary calibre 45!  

The movement is fairly clean, but no doubt its due a service. The original crystals are hard to find and expensive, so we opt for an alternative solution. We dissolve the glue holding binding the glass to the frame and then glue a generic chamfered crystal in its place. It’s very similar. 

The movement also features a nice hacking second mechanism. 

Here you can see the cleaned movement ready to be put back together. As always I see that the balance moves freely after fitting the shock jewels. I also fit a new mainspring GR4606.

Base movement back together and preforming well. I really love the design of this movement.

At one point I need to get myself one of these again! They are just so clean looking

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