Movement Review


….. calibre: ….

  • Made approximately: 19..
  • Made in 
  • Power reserve h
  •  Jewels 
  •  B/A
  • Lift angle °
  • DM mm
  • H mm

First Contender: the Rolex calibre 1225.

Surface finish is …. All screws are ……. The bridges are ….. finished with ….. plating and Ratchet wheel and crown wheels are …. finished. ….. jewel count. 

Top surface finish on plates:  Points

Surface finish on screws:  Points

Surface finish on ratchet and ratchet wheel:  Points

Movement Jeweling:  Points

Movement is ……… for .

Movement design innovation (for 19XX):   points

Base plate finish is …. Setting/winding mechanism is ….. made. Gear train is…. Date change is ….. 

Base plate finish: Points

Setting and winding mechanism:  Points

Date change snappiness:  Points 

Gear-train finish:  Points

Movement durability:  Points

A quality feature that I always appreciate is a guard plate, to protect the bridge surface from the ratchet wheel. 

2 extra bonus points 

These XX moments in good condition keep excellent time.  

Accuracy:  points

Power reserve is fair:  points 

Power reserve of  hours is  

Power reserve:  Points

XXX summary: 

Surface finish on bridges and top side of base plate: 

Surface finish screws: 

Surface finish on ratchet and ratchet wheel: 

Movement Jeweling: 

Movement innovative design for ca 1953: 

Base plate finish: 

Setting and winding mechanism: 

Date change snappiness: 

Gear-train finish: 

Movement durability: 

Total bonus points: 


Power reserve: 

Grand total: