Project Fortis Marinemaster


I saw a Fortis Marinemaster kit on e-bay. Seller claims it is a NOS set, but there are some online discussions debating wether it is a reproduction kit from China or not. The set was not too expensive and I decided to buy it. I also bought an Accurist donor watch that has the appropriate ETA calibre 2783. I want to state for the record that I do not claim this to be an authentic watch, but rather a fun project for my own amusement.  Continue reading

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Service Omega Seamster De Ville calibre 321


Often overshadowed by the moonlight of the Speedmaster, the Seamaster chronograph was meant for the sporty gentleman. I bought this watch from it’s original owner and he told me he wanted something he could wear for rally racing, swimming and still look smart at dinner parties. The watch was worn for 20 years and then left in a drawer for the next 30. It’s running like a dog and the chronograph is not engaging. Continue reading

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Welcome to Mitka’s vintage watch service

I wish you all a happy 2018 and welcome to my little business. I’m now accepting costumer work so if you wish to have your watch serviced, please go to book service and fill in the form.

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May I wish you all a great festive season and a happy new year:)

Thanks for all your support by reading my blog in 2017. I’m very grateful to my customers who have stuck with me during the long workshop build. A huge thanks to my former master Christian at watchguy who has been very supportive and helpful.

It’s been an eventful year and I’m excited to see what challenges 2018 will bring.

Best regards,


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Service: Longinges Ultra-Chron calibre 341


The Ultra-Chron were fitted with calibre 340 and was Longines entry to the High beat race of the late 1960’s.  This watch is fitted with a 341 that also features a date mechanism. The serial number says this watch is from 1968. It’s in very good condition, but is not running. I’m suspecting that the mainspring is broken. Continue reading

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Service Revue Centenaire calibre 81


I always enjoy seeing a nice Revue calibre 81. This watch was partly dismantled, but I was confident we could get a good watch out of all the parts!  Continue reading

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Service: Lemania calibre 3000

Lemania calibre 3000


This Lemania is in exceptionally good condition and could do with a routine service.  Continue reading

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