Rolex calibre: 1215 Restoration

A customer has sent in his vintage Rolex cal 1215 in need of some TLC. It’s running like a lame dog and the case is pretty beaten up. The hands have been replaced at one point.

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Service: Rolex Datejust. Calibre 2130

This little Rolex has gotten a good jolt and the crystal is smashed. 

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Wearing a vintage watch.

Enrique Santos

Most people around me (at work, among my friends or relatives) don’t wear a watch, their phones have in-built time displays  that do the same job. Some wear modern smart watches that have tremendous practical functionalities like; e-mail receivers, heart monitors etc. Others wear super robust sports watches, that can easily survive being dropping off a cliff and then thrown into the ocean. A few even have mega expensive brand watches, that show off their good taste (or lack of). To be honest wearing a vintage watch is not the best way of telling the time. Most quartz watches are 100 times more accurate, than even the most accurate mechanical watch. Most vintage watches have poor water and shock resistance compared to a Casio G-shock. As for showing off wealth (in most cases) a mid 60’s Omega Seamster in excellent original condition would cost you approximately £800-1200 compared to a new Seamster that starts at £3K. Vintage watches in daily use also require routine service intervals, that can turn expensive when non existent parts need replacing. 

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Eterna Rescue! Calibre 1448

P1160440A client has sent in this unusual black dialled Eterna calibre 1448, It was found in the bottom of a tool box at a car boot sale! The dial is covered in oil and it’s not running. Continue reading

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Service: Citizen 150m Diver 68-5372

P1160216 (copy)A client has sent in his Citizen Diver for a service. It’s not keeping time and looks fairly beaten up. Continue reading

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Saving a family piece.

P1150410A customer has sent me his late grandfather’s Alprosa watch for repair, unfortunately the case back threads have corroded away and the case back is useless. I will see if we can find a donor case. Continue reading

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Service: Patek Philippe calibre 30-300 PM

P1160277A customer has sent in his Patek Philippe calibre 30-300 PM for a service. Continue reading

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Nerds wanted.

After a lot of positive feedback on my current site, I’m inspired to evolve this website into Mark II. This will be an independent blog site that focuses on the really cool/nerdy watch stuff and not just following the hype!

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the editing team or just want to do some freelance writing about the following subjects:

  • Watch reviews.
  • Inside looks at personal collections.
  • Technical blogs.
  • Watch history blogs.
  • Other generally cool watch related stuff.
  • Video blogs.

Please contact me via:

I’m no rich man, but I will be very appreciative to anyone that wants to take part in this! I will set up some cool vintage watch rewards to the most popular posts etc. Hopefully we can generate some advertisement revenue after a while!
PS: I also need a good WordPress web designer.
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Service/restoration Helvetia calibre 75A

P1140447Here is a great Art Deco Helvetia from the 30’s. It is not running and the case looks a little tatty. The movement however looks to be in very good condition.

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Service Longines Conquest calibre: 291

P1140057A Client has sent in his Conquest calibre 291 for a service and case back enamel repair. He has also added 4 extra case backs to be repaired. Continue reading

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