Alpina 592-598

Alpina starting making the 592 in 1938 it had a long life span way into the 1960’s. It has a reputation of being a robust movement that is relatively easy to mention and work on to the degree it was chosen in 1948 by the school of watchmaking at the cantonal polytechnic in Biel to serve as the school’s practice caliber.

592 Sub second
598 Sweep second 

no soffix: Glucydur screw balance
suffix E: nickel screw balance
suffix R: Glucydur ring balance, mobile stud carrier

Alpina Calibre 592-598

  • Made approximately: 1938-1960’s 
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Lift angle: 52
  • Power reserve 46h
  • 15-17 Jewels 
  • 18000 B/A
  • DM 26.5mm
  • H 4-4.9mm

Surface finish has a very fine finish with nicely cut bridges with beveled edges. Screws are polished and have a good finish. The bridges are rhodium plated. 

Surface finish on top side of the plate and bridges: 8 Points

Surface finish on screws: 8 Points

Surface finish on crown and ratchet wheel: 6 Points

Movement Jeweling: 6-7 points 

The movement has a pretty standard sub-seconds layout or modified as a sweep second 

Movement design innovation (for ca 1938):  6 points

The Alpina base plate has perlage finish. Winding mechanisms are well made, but with a low finish on the screws. Gear train has a good finish. Setting the time and winding feels balanced. 

Base plate finish: 7 Points

Setting and winding mechanism: 7 Points

Gear-train finish: 7 Points

Movement durability: 7 Points

The first movements did not have shock protection, but Inca shock was available quite early. 

Potential modernisation bonus points: 3*

Model R has adjustable stud carrier: 3*

There are some balance variations and upgrades over time, but all 592/98 I have worked on in good condition keep very good time.

Accuracy: 8 points 

Power reserve of 46 hours is good. 

Power reserve: 8 Points

Alpina calibre: 592-598 points summary: 

Surface finish on bridges and top side of base plate: 8

Surface finish top screws: 8

Surface finish on ratchet and ratchet wheel: 6 

Movement Jeweling: 6-7*

Movement innovative design for ca 1927: 6 

Total bonus points: 6*

Base plate finish: 7

Setting and winding mechanism: 7 

Gear-train finish: 7

Movement durability: 7

Accuracy: 8

Power reserve: 8

Grand total: 78-85*

*Inca shock.