Mitka’s movement score chart.

This site is dedicating to scoring movements. It’s a guide page based on my personal inspection of various watch movements whilst working on them. 

Each movement is given points based on the same criteria. Extra complications like date, automatic ect, will add extra points over a basic movement. So if you want to compare a non date manual movement with a automatic movement with day-date you just need to eliminate the extra points given for these complications. Movements with two scores are due to different jewel counts decoration ect found on variations of the same base movement. 

International Watch Co

Calibre 83. Manual no date: total score: 88-91 Points


Calibre: 26.5 Manual no date: total score: 81-84 Points

PUW (Pforzhiemer Ure-Rohwerke)

Calibre: 1261 Automatic with date total score: 76-79 Points

Rolex SA

Calibre: 1225 Manual with date total score: 98 Points

Seiko Group

Calibre: 4402 Manual with date total score: 106 Points