Score overview

Surface finish on bridges and top side of base plate: 0-10

Surface finish screws: 0-10

Surface finish on ratchet and ratchet wheel: 0-10

Movement Jeweling manual: 0-10

Movement Jeweling automatic: 0:15

Movement innovation based on release year: 0-10

Base plate finish: 0-10

Setting and winding mechanism: 0-10

Date change snappiness (Design and function): 0-10

Gear-train finish: 0-10

Movement durability: 0-10

Autowinder: 0-10

Accuracy: 0-10

Power reserve: 0-10

Second recorder mechanism: 0-5

Minute recorder mechanism: 0-5

Hour recorder mechanism: 0-10

Chronograph/chronostop component finish: 0-10

Special complication 0-10

Bonus points:

Hacking lever: 2-5

Micro regulator: 2-5

Beat error regulator: 2-5

Modernisation of movement variant during production run (ink shock protection):  1-5

Chronometer spec movement that has improved accuracy over normal configuration: 1-5