FAQ buying a watch:

I want to buy a watch.

Send me a email and we will arrange payment via bank transfer or Paypal.

What kind of shipping options.

I usually send with Royal mail tracked and signed for (free of charge). Other forms of shipping can be arranged and I will charge the shipping cost.

What terms and conditions do you offer.

Please look at my terms and condition page.

FAQ Servicing a watch:

I want you to repair/service my watch what do I have to do?

Please go to the booking page to secure a slot.

What terms and conditions do you offer.

Please look at my terms and condition page.

What is the best way to send my watch?

Please pack well ensuring the watch is comfy during transit, but please do not use a full roll of duct tape as it also will be unwrapped! Do not send the watch in original box or other packaging you wish returned with the watch, as this causes unnecessary logistics problems.


If you ship a watch to me from the UK, first class recorded does the trick nicely. It’s trackable, and I haven’t lost a watch yet.


Please use USPS Priority Mail International Small Box Flat Rate. When filling in your customs form, please declare the value as $ 20 – this is not a commercial transaction with your watch, I’m sending it back to you. So I’m not telling you to cheat, but if you declare a higher value, I will have to pay 20%VAT + £8 processing charge, which I will have to pass on to you. What you declare on the customs form has nothing to do with the value you can insure.

Please note on the customs form “watch for repair, will be returned to US owner”

Other countries

Same rules apply – don’t declare a value over USD 20, as the watch will be returned. I’m not buying it from you. Note on the customs form “watch for repair, will be returned to owner”.

Always use parcel tracking.

If you enclose parts with your watch (fallen off crown, etc.), please put them in a little plastic bag, and stick the bag with sellotape to an A4 sheet of paper, on which you state that there is a part attached.

Can I supply my own parts.


How can I pay?

Once work is completed, I will send you a PayPal invoice. You can then either pay through PayPal, or transfer the money into my bank account (BACS in the UK, and I supply IBAN and BIC for international customers). It’s probably the most convenient for you to pay using PayPal, and I don’t mind paying the 2.5% for your convenience.

Do you do dial restoration?

I personally don’t restore dials, but use David Bill & Sons, or Danafi in Spain. I’m more than happy to take your dial out, send it to them and put it back in. I only charge you what they charge me.

Will you restore/polish my watch case?

No, but I outsource that sort of work. As above, I only charge you what I’ve been charged for the work and I’m happy to organise everything to you and make sure it’s carried out correctly.

Will my 50 year old watch have COSC performance?

Probably not. With luck, it will, but considering the wear and tear of 50 years of use, it’s not very likely. Your watch will keep good time, but not to COSC specifications. I will try my best to adjust the watch properly, but you can’t expect miracles

Will my watch be waterproof?

Most likely, no. There are several ways water can get into a case. The case back, and that’s quite easy to sort out with a new case back gasket, which I normally fit (if I can get hold of one that fits). Trickier is the crystal. Some crystals have gaskets, and you can’t get hold of all of them. The worst culprit is the crown/winding stem. On most crowns, you can’t change the gasket, so with time, they won’t be water resistant any more. Also, the pendant tube surface wears, and you can get grooves in the tube that will also allow water to get in.

In general, vintage watches aren’t waterproof, and they still won’t be when they come back from a service. If this is really important to you, let me know, and I can try my best. But there is cost involved – a new crown for a watch can easily cost £55 for some Omega models.

Is my watch insured in your workshop?

No it is not. Sending and having the watch in our workshop is on your own risk. So it’s best to make sure your own insurance covers your watch whilst it is with us.

Do you have a price list?

Yes it is here.

Other FAQ:

I notice that some of the links on your photo are linked with watchguy 

At first I listed my watches on the watchguy site. We decided not to sell anything via the watchguy site as it is pure service blog. To save time I have used some of the uploaded photos from when I had my watcches on the watchguy site. Christian and the watchguy site have no responsibility for anything sold from Mitka.co.uk

My comment was deleted or refused.

We are here to have a good time and not spread hate. So this blog does not accept any bullying, Trolls, racism, sexism or abusive language.

There are so many spelling mistakes, how can I take this blog seriously. 

I have a mild form of dyslexia, but I try my best to correct my spelling mistakes. It does not affect my watchmaking in any way shape or form.