Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions buying a watch:

The Mitka vintage watch shop Guarantee of Authenticity

First and foremost, I certify that this watch is authentic and guaranteed to be as described to the best of my knowledge. Nothing is more important to me that a clear and transparent transaction that makes my end-consumers happy – so if something goes wrong, you have my word that I will do everything possible to make it right.

60-Day Mechanical Warranty

Each watch is guaranteed by a 60-day mechanical warranty that I believe to be the most comprehensive in the industry. I stand behind every item I sell, though due to the nature of vintage watches, I expect reasonable treatment of all watches by their owners. Each watch is known to be working before shipment, though I make no statement about mechanical accuracy or waterproofing.


Even when timegrapher shows a straight line I can not guarantee that a vintage will be accurate to more than 60 seconds a day. when a watch is from before 1940 I can not guarantee any accuracy more than 3 minutes a day.

International Shipping and Domestic shipping.

Watch will be sent on costumer’s own risk. As standard shipping method Royal mail will be used. If customer wants any other form of shipping please inform me.


Each watch is covered by a no-questions-asked five day inspection period. The watch, however, must remain unworn and unmolested within that period of time – and in the same condition that it left our offices. If a return is requested, simply email M@mitka.co.uk and I will respond with instructions. Insured shipping for returns must be paid for by the buyers and buyers assume all risk.

If a watch does not receive payment within 48hours the order will automatically be canceled.

Terms & Conditions having your watch serviced:

We will do our best to service and/or repair your watch, but nobody is perfect, and on rare occasions, we might damage your watch in the process of taking it apart, cleaning it, and putting it back together. Sometimes, hands are almost impossible to get off, so their removal can lead to hand and/or dial damage
Another example are case backs that have been screwed down too tight, or whose thread has been damaged, so that it is almost impossible to open them. This can lead to the opening tool slipping, which can cause scratches on the case back.
As much as we try to avoid any damage, it can happen, and we can’t assume responsibility for it. We will try out best to make good, but it is not always possible to completely get rid of all damage caused.

We charge an inspection charge of £30, which is refundable against the cost of work if we get the order from you to fix the watch. If you don’t want to proceed, the £30 inspection charge is payable. This covers our time for inspecting the watch and quoting for the work.

We will provide a set of photos of our work on your watch, and an on-line worksheet that you can access at any point in time. Please check your worksheet from time to time, as we also list the materials used, and the work cost for the work carried out. You can use the photos from the worksheet for your own purposes, and also publish them on the internet if you want to.

Our quotes for work to be carried out are not binding, as there is always the possibility of additional damage that can be discovered during work on your watch. Nevertheless, we will inform you if additional work or parts are needed, and if you don’t want to proceed, you are only liable for the £30 inspection charge.

In some cases, we will only proceed on a time and material basis, but we will inform you beforehand if we do so. This is usually done on watches that are in exceptionally bad condition or if spare parts are difficult to obtain.

We will do our best to keep your watch safe whilst it is in our workshop. If you want to insure your watch whilst it is at our workshop, please sort that out with your own insurance, as we do not have insurance.

Watches are shipped Special Delivery 1 p.m. within the UK, and International signed for outside the UK. If you require another shipping method, please specify this before the watch is finished and shipped.

If you include anything else with your watch (spare parts, bracelets, etc.) make sure they are clearly marked, and put a note with the watch itself that we know that there are additional parts in your parcel. Otherwise, they might end up in the bin. We will not take any responsibility if that happens if the parts weren’t clearly marked and if there wasn’t a note with the watch. Think of us unpacking …

If you insist on leaving old, breaking-up luminous compound on your dial or hands, we can’t give you any warranty on our service as these little bits will break off and end up in the movement. We always advise to replace breaking-up luminous compound, but you can of course insist on leaving it in place.

Our warranty is valid for one year from the shipping date of your watch. We will rectify any problems your watch is having during that year, but can not cover problems that arise due to water ingress or damage from shock to the watch. We are very generous with our interpretation of the warranty, but there are limits, e.g. obvious physical damage to the watch like a broken winding stem. Also, our warranty doesn’t cover water damage even a watch that was marked as water resistant when leaving the workshop.

If you are not happy with our work, we will do our utmost to rectify any problems you might have with your watch. You will allow us three attempts to set your complaints right. If we don’t manage to make you satisfied with our work after three attempts, you can escalate your complaint to the British Watch and Clock Makers’ Guild, which will arbitrate between us and you. The Guild has your interest very much in mind, and will do their best to resolve the issue. If that fails, you can of course resort to legal action. This has never happened (in fact, we never had an issue escalated to the Guild).

In summary:

You send your watch to mitka.co.uk on your own risk and mitka.co.uk will not cover any damage or loss of your property. If by accident mitka.co.uk was to damage your watch we will try to the best of our efforts to repair the damage and not charge for it. If the damage exceeds the value of the service we will not charge for the service, but still charge for spare parts.