About me

Mitka Engebretsen

I started training as a watchmaker in 2013 in Denmark and In 2014 I moved to the UK when Christian at watchguy.co.uk took me on as an apprentice. I finished my apprenticeship and worked with Christian on my own accord. I got a daughter June 2016 and me and my partner decided to move closer to family.

I became a member of the British Watch & Clock Makers’ Guild 2015



watches for sale:

I enjoy acquiring and fixing watches that have appealed to me aesthetically and mechanically. However it is an expensive hobby and the time I spend on my own watches takes time away from client watches. Therefore I have now decided to make my private collection available to anyone through this blog.

For any offers or inquiries, please send them to: (Mitka Engebretsen) m@mitka.co.uk


Scott Burton

Fan of the underdog brand and avid article writer. 

James Vincent

It’s not the brand, but the quality! Occasional article contributor.