IWC calibre: 83 Review

IWC started making calibre: 83 about 1930. It was made up to 1947. In 1943 it was upgraded with inca shock protection. The design is essentially a downsized pocket watch movement. The crown and ratchet wheel is placed under the bridges.  

IWC Calibre: 83

  • Made approximately: 1930-1947 
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Power reserve 47h
  • 15 Jewels 
  • 18000 B/A
  • Lift angle 52°
  • DM 26.5mm
  • H 4.1mm

The movement bridges are finely finished with Geneva stripes and angled edges. The jewels are set in chatons. The the traditional click has been replaced with one piece of spring steel that allows the ratchet wheel to move in one direction.  It might not be the finest of solutions, but it was innovating for 1930.

Surface finish on top side of the plate and bridges: 9 Points

Surface finish on screws: 10 Points

Surface finish on crown and ratchet wheel: 7 Points

Movement Jeweling: 6 points 

The movement has a pretty standard sub-seconds layout.

Movement design innovation (for ca 1930):  7 points 

The IWC base plate dial side has a fine perlage finish on both the dial side and gear train side. Winding mechanism is well made with no wire springs present and polished screws.   

Base plate finish: 9 Points

Setting and winding mechanism: 9 Points

Gear-train finish: 8 Points

Movement durability: 7 Points

 The last models had Inca shock protection.

Potential bonus points: 3

All variants of the calibre: 83 have Breguet hairsprings and in good condition will keep good time.



Accuracy: 9 points 

Power reserve of 37 hours is acceptable

Power reserve: 7 Points

IWC calibre: 83 points summary: 

Surface finish on bridges and top side of base plate: 9

Surface finish screws: 10

Surface finish on ratchet and ratchet wheel: 7

Movement Jeweling: 6

Movement innovative design for ca 1930: 7 

Total bonus points: 0-3

Base plate finish: 9

Setting and winding mechanism: 9

Gear-train finish: 8

Movement durability: 7

Accuracy: 9

Power reserve: 7

Grand total: 88-91*

*If it has extra bonus points

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