Revue calibre 59

Revue started production of the calibre 59 in 1937 as a replacement to their calibre 56. The 59 was similar in design, but overall a larger movement. The basic model is not shock protected, but most variants had inca shock as standard. The most common variant is 26.5mm, but there also exists a wider variant (I’m currently missing exact size). There is also a centre second variant. 

Revue calibre: 59

  • Made approximately: 1937-1950
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Power reserve 36h
  • 15-21 Jewels 
  • 18000 B/A
  • DM 26.5mm 
  • H 4.35mm

Surface finish on calibre 59 varies, the first model has gilt finishing the more common later variant rhodium plating. There levels of finish vary. Gear train bridge has fine design with beveled edges and has a separate escape wheel cock.  Screws are polished and have a good finish. Crown and ratchet wheel goes from good to very fine finish. 

Surface finish on top side of the plate and bridges: 6-7 Points

Surface finish on screws: 8 Points

Surface finish on crown and ratchet wheel: 6-8

Movement Jeweling: 6-7 points 

Movement design innovation (for ca 1937):  6 points

The Revue base plate on the calibre 59 is rather basic with no decoration, but overall well executed and a good finish. Winding/setting mechanism is well made. Gear train has a good finish. 

Base plate finish: 6 Points

Setting and winding mechanism: 8 Points

Gear-train finish: 8 Points

Movement durability: 8 Points

Top jewelled variant of the calibre 59 in rose copper plating. Photo curtsy of Make Vaan

Nice steel protection plate for the crown wheel improving durability. 

Note the finish on the ratchet wheel. Some are more basic with only a starburst finish, others have Revue engraved and there is this version with a spiral starburst finish and polished teeth. 

The very first models are not shock protected, but most later models are fitted with inca shock. 

Shock protection: 3*

Calibre 59 utilises a flat hairspring and fairly accurate when in good condition.

Accuracy: 7 points 

Power reserve of 36 hours is acceptable.

Power reserve: 6 Points

Revue calibre 59 points summary: 

Surface finish on bridges and top side of base plate: 6-7

Surface finish top screws: 8

Surface finish on ratchet and ratchet wheel: 6-8 

Movement Jeweling: 6-7*

Movement innovative design for ca 1937: 6 

Total bonus points: 3

Base plate finish: 6

Setting and winding mechanism: 8 

Gear-train finish: 8

Movement durability: 8

Accuracy: 7

Power reserve: 6

Grand total: 75-84*