Review Rolex calibre 1215-1225

Rolex Cal 1200 was introduced in 1954 as Rolex’s basic sub seconds movement. The calibre 1200 evolved throughout it’s manufacturing period:
18000 A/h:
1200: sub second
1210: sweep second
1215: sweep second, date
21600 A/h:
1220: sweep second
1225: sweep second, date

Rolex calibre: 1200-1225

  • Made approximately: 1953
  • Made in Switserland
  • Power reserve 58h
  • 17 Jewels 
  • 18000-21800 B/A
  • Lift angle 52°
  • DM 23.3mm
  • H 3.6mm

Surface finish is of high quality. All screws are highly polished and of excellent finish. The bridges are nicely finished with rhodium plating and gold plating in the lettering. Capped escape wheels. Ratchet wheel and crown wheels are finely finished. Standard jewel count. 

Top surface finish on plates: 8 Points

Surface finish on screws: 10 Points

Surface finish on ratchet and ratchet wheel: 8 Points

Movement Jeweling: 7 Points

Movement is pretty standard for 1953.

Movement design innovation (for 1953):  6 points

The Rolex base plate is nicely decorated and has an overall good finish. Winding, date and setting mechanisms are nicely finished, with a high finish on the screws. Gear train has a good finish. Setting the time feels balanced and smooth; however, the winding is a little hard towards fully wound (due to high gear ratio).

Base plate finish: 7 Points

Setting and winding mechanism: 6 Points

Date change snappiness: 6 Points *1015-1025

Gear-train finish: 8 Points

Movement durability: 8 Points

A quality feature that I always appreciate is a guard plate, to protect the bridge surface from the ratchet wheel. This adds to movement durability. 

On the updated 1225 Balance wheel is very nicely executed, with adjustable weight spokes and Breguette hairspring. The fine adjuster screw is also pretty nifty.

3 *Bonus points for regulator

3* Bonus points for beat error regulator

3* Extra innovation points for higher beat rate. 

Total 9* for the calibre 12.20 and 1225

These Rolex moments in good condition keep excellent time.  

Accuracy: 8 points + 2 Chronometer

Power reserve of 58 hours is impressive on this movement 

Power reserve: 10 Points

Rolex 1200-1210-1215-1220-1225 summary: 

Surface finish on bridges and top side of base plate: 8

Surface finish screws: 10

Surface finish on ratchet and ratchet wheel: 8

Movement Jeweling: 6

Movement innovative design for ca 1953: 6 

Base plate finish: 7

Setting and winding mechanism: 6

Date change snappiness: 6*

Gear-train finish: 8

Movement durability: 7

Total bonus points: 9*

Accuracy: 8-10* (chronometer)

Power reserve: 10

Grand total: 87-106*

*Bonus points and date version