King Seiko J145-582-E-AD

Seiko’s Daini factory did not want to be outdone by the Suwa factoriy when they launched the Grand Seiko in December 1959. So in 1961 the Daini introduced their King Seiko. Unlike the gold plated Grand Seiko the first generation King Seiko was also available in stainless steel. This Example was produced in May 1963 and a very good original survivor. With this elegant timeless design and 35mm case this watch holds up beautifully today.

King Seiko

Case ref: 14102E in good unpolished condition, some smaller defects from rust removal from in-between the case and case back. The case back medallion is in exceptionally good condition. The movement is in good condition and was serviced by me in July 2019 Full service gallery on this link. 

Watch preforming well since service. The movement is know from it’s 14 Ligne size. It’s very similar to the more known second generation calibre 4420