Service/Repair Longines Calibre 12.68z


This lovely gold Longines is fully wound and not running, so I will give it some badly needed attention. It has one of my all time favourite movements, the 12.68z. 


The movement looks good, but I suspect that the barrel bridge is worn causing the barrel to tilt and block the centre wheel.


Someone scratched the barrel bridge around the click spring and the setting lever screw, but besides that the movement looks very good.


As suspected the hole for the barrel arbor is worn.


I start by broaching and then push fitting a new bush into the barrel bridge. Note the lovely machined click spring.



I machine down the bush until it is flush with the barrel bridge.


The old dirty mainspring.


All the parts cleaned and ready to be put back together.


I see that the balance moves freely after fitting the balance jewels. Those clear cap-jewels are always fun to look for when you drop them on our white floor…


Clean mainspring fitted into the barrel.  I always find these T-end mainsprings a little tricky to fit, but practice makes master;)


There is no free play in the barrel and the repair should last another 55 years of not longer:)


Setting mechanism back in place. I really like how the spring is a part of the Yoke spring.


The gear train moves freely now that the barrel is no longer blocking the centre wheel.


The movement back in the case and ticking like it should.


The 12.68 when in good condition never fails to perform. (It is noted that the lift angle is 44 degrees on this movement, so the amplitude is actually a little higher)


It’s a great feeling bringing a non-runner back to life, especially when it looks this good;)


It’s a sunny day so why not take it out!

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