Service Alpina/calibre: 586


Alpina has some very nice in-house movements and the calibre 586 is a good example of that. Straight forward engineering with excellent build, quality and good finishes.  This watch has a solid stainless steel case and a very cool dial design in excellent condition, but has poor timekeeping and will get a service.


The movement looks good.


Here you can see the setting/winding mechanism after removing the hands and the dial.


A final image before taking the movement completely apart.


Here you can see the gear train layout.


The old mainspring.


The parts have been cleaned and I have fitted the cap jewels to see that the balance moves freely. I always do this, to make sure there are no problems from wear or other damage.


I fit the correct mainspring into the barrel, cleaned and greased.


The gear train back in place and is looking very clean and nice.


The movement coming back together with no major issues.


I put the winding/setting mechanism back into the movement and see that everything works like it should.


A clean movement in a clean case. It does not get much better than that;)


That is good enough for me:)


The old luminous compound was falling apart and had to be replaced, but I’m not complaining as the watch really suits the new compound and looks amazing.

Watch was serviced in 2016 and it deserved a blogpost.

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