Service: Junghans Meister/Calibre: 82

IMG_9938Unlike other brands Junghans used to put their name on everything from the cheap alarm clocks to the expensive chronometer grade watches. And the saying “you get what you pay for” is very relevant when it comes to Junghans, the cheap stuff was completely different from their expensive movements. The most premiere watches were the Chronometers, closely followed by the Meister. The Meister used the same movement as the Chronometer, but did not feature a micro regulator or hacking lever. This Meister has a very unusual case design and has a very cool three demential dial. This watch is not running and needs some attention.


The movement looks good, but the cap jewel setting that holds the central second pinion in place has a broken off screw and is rattling around in the case.


The dial has no damages and has aged very well.


I have removed the hands and dial and you can see the setting/winding mechanism.


I have removed the wheel bridge and you can see the gear train.


All the parts cleaned and the movement is ready to be put back together.


Mainspring in the barrel.


A common feature for most jewelled Junghans movements is their own shock protection system, with a characteristic three spoked sock spring. Here I have put the shock jewels in place to see that the balance moves freely.


The wheel bridge back in place.


I fit the winding/setting mechanism and see that it engages correctly.


It’s nice to see the movement running again.


I’m happy with that result.


The old luminous compound was very brittle, so I replaced it with some new compound.


The movement is back in the case and I would say that looks considerably better than before!


Now that is how a Meister should look!:)


This watch is very different from everything else I have and I like it!

Watch was serviced in 2016, but deserved a blogpost;)



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