Service 1971 Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch calibre 861.

IMG_1977In the space race of the 1960’s Nasa decided to use the Omega Speedmaster for their space missions as it was the only watch to survive their extensive testing. For Omega this presented a marketing paradise and the Speedmaster professional Moonwatch came into existence. This 1971 watch is in very good condition, but the movement is dry and needs a service.


Movement looks untouched.


It’s performance is not bad at all, but all the jewels are dry and there is some old grease making the chronograph functions stick.


This watch still has it’s original stepped dial. Omega would replace these dials with non stepped versions when servicing watches.


Here you can see the winding/setting mechanism and the hour recorder after removing the hands and dial.


Omega used the Lemania 1873 for there 861 movements. I enjoy working on them as they are very well made.


When working on a chronograph it is important to keep track of the parts;)


I’m almost down to the base movement.


With the train bridge removed you can see the basic gear train.


Old mainspring.


All the parts cleaned and ready to be put back together.


As always I see that the balance moves freely after fitting the cap jewels;)


After putting the gear train back in palace I start on the dial side.


The lower barrel pivot is situated in the hour recorder bridge and now that it is in place I can wind and test the base movement.


Base movement back together and ticking.


Watch is preforming very well.

I now start putting the chronograph back together. 


Movement back together and ready for hands setting.


The damaged paint and crumbling compound on the hands has been replaced.


Movement back in the case looking great. The case received new pushers and crown.


A true classic in any collection.


This watch is actually for sale and the owner is open for good offers. I would buy this example myself if I could afford it!

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