Service Revue Calibre 81


I’m a fan of Revue and my favourite movement is calibre 81. This particular watch has seen better days, but it’s got potential and I think it deserves being put back together.


Movement looks very good.


The movement has a broken off case screw stuck in the main-plate.


Here you can see the gear train with the bridge removed.


Old mainspring.


Movement cleaned and ready to be put back together.


Wait a minute! I’m not able to get the broken off screw in a mechanical way. The solution is to dissolve the screw in Alum.


Here we go, screw dissolved and main plate cleaned. Lets try and get the movement back together.


Putting in the non shock protected balance is always a little more work. Notice how I had to remove the spring for the micro regulator.


New mainspring.


Movement coming back together without any problems.


I do not like it when watchmakers punch marks under the balance cock. Watchmakers did this when a balance staff was either low (worn) or to high(wrong). In this case it serves no function and gives the balance too much play. I remove the marks and the balance sits just as it should.


Setting/winding mechanism back in place.


The dial has some patina, but looks very nice with it’s textured outer edge.


Movement back in the restored case looking great!


That micro regulator is a thing of beauty.


Watch preforming very well.


Now that is just my type of watch.


The only downside at 38mm it is too large for my wrist…

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7 Responses to Service Revue Calibre 81

  1. Barry says:

    Hi Mitka.

    Just to confirm that she’s arrived safe and sound at my place and the photos do not do it justice.
    It much better in real life , just beautiful and a very worth while purchase.
    Well done.
    I am one very Happy Bunny.
    So thanks again and I’m sure I will be buying from you in the future.

  2. Brandon says:

    Love the blog!

    How long did you soak the plate in alum solution to dissolve the broken screw? And what exactly composes that solution?