Service/Repair Cyma calibre 485


This Cyma has a super funky 1960’s atomic design and looks to be in good condition. It’s not keeping time, but hopefully a service will sort that out.


Well that is a good indication that it needs some work.


The funky calibre 485 is one of the most under appreciated movement’s of the 1960’s


Very nice autowinder construction.


It works on the same principle as the Revue calibre 87. The oval rotor cam engages with a fork that has two fingers that drive the intermediate wheel.


With the dial and hands removed you can see the funky roulette table black and red date disk.


Here you can see the date mechanism.


The movement is quite dirty.


Here you can see the gear train layout after removing the train bridge.


Almost taken apart.


Like the revue cal 87, the movement has a centre pinion rather than a centre wheel. On this base movement a repair had gone wrong, The replacement bush for the centre pinion was fitted in very crooked! I only noticed this after fitting the hands back onto the movement and they almost touched the dial at 3 and stood up at 9 touching the crystal. I had a base plate from a good donor movement. It ended up with me taking the movement apart again and using the parts from the first movement on the new base plate.


Very dirty mainspring.


Movement nice and clean and ready to be put back together again.


Balance moves freely. Note the cool Cymaflex shock protection.


Mainspring in a cleaned barrel.


Movement back together and running.


Movement preforming well.


Dial and hands back on the movement.


Dial and hands off the movement again as it needed the cannon pinion tightening.

Cyma calibre 485

Finally the movement goes into the case working like it should!


It took a lot of time, but finally back together and no doubt it was worth the effort.


The last watchmaker that worked on this watch scratched over his service number, probably to hide the damage done. But now the problem is fixed!;)

Cyma 485

Just love the design of this watch!

5 Responses to Service/Repair Cyma calibre 485

  1. andrew says:

    great looking watch, very 60s – how do you tighten the CP? I insert a broach snugly inside the cannon pinion and nip with pliers – wondered whether there is a better technique?

    • mitka88 says:

      Hi Andrew,

      I also use sharp pliers with a good edge. Do you also work as a watchmaker?:)

      Best regards,


      • andrew says:

        An enthusiastic amateur! I’ve worked on watches for about 10 years and still find them fascinating – mainly mechanical and ideally something with a complicated complication – weirdly I really like early 70s quartz watches at the moment (dynatrons, early omega & tissot 1310, 1330…etc) and Harwood automatics (he was originally from Bolton, up the road from me in Manchester so a northerner like me!). Great work, keep it up!

  2. Jane Matthews says:

    Indeed a great movement but not of the 1960s! It appeared at MuBa in 1952 or 3 as I recall. The very early ones like mine had rose gold plated movements (72152.67.255).
    AntMat (aka Mr. Cyma)

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