Workshop update.

I just want to show that some progress it being made on the workshop:)

Project roof

Scaffolding put up.

Roof off

The old membrane had numerous holes and some of the slates where in disrepair. So I decided to have the roof renovated.

Fitting beams.

Here you can see the new membrane and my friend Noel helping me to fit a lower ceiling.


The membrane and tiles are in place and we have made good progress on the new ceiling.

New guttering

As the scaffolding stayed up over the weekend I fitted some guttering. Note the slates are mostly original except for some that where second hand.

Flaky paint

The paint was beginning to flake off. This is due the wall not being cleaned properly before painting. So I also took the opportunity to scrape off the loose paint and clean the surface before applying new paint.

Workshop new roof 2

That looks much better!:)

Workshop with restored roof

Scaffolding down.

Upcoming Monday the digger will arrive so we can lay cables and fit water supply.

8 Responses to Workshop update.

  1. Nigel says:

    Nice man cave Mitka!

  2. Joseph says:

    Looks good! Do you have enough natural light in there to work?

  3. Gary says:

    Coming along nicely! Very exciting!

  4. Timothy says:

    Hi Mitka, as a swiss trained watchmaker can i suggest somethings, to make all internal walls with kingspan insulation plasterboard as this makes a big difference to retain heat and a small room for all your cleaning machines and fluids etc… This is something i am building myself at the moment.

    • mitka88 says:

      Hi Timothy,

      Thanks for the suggestion:) I will insulate floor walls and ceiling! Walls and ceiling will
      have plasterboard. I’m also fitting air to air heating system that also works as AC, dehumidifier and air filter. The cleaning machine will be placed inside a cabinet that I will line with noise reducing felt and a carbon filter fan taking the fumes out of the room. It will be clean, white and nice:D

  5. Barry says:

    Looking good.
    Haven’t we been a busy boy then ?Looks like your probably half way there now and agree with Timothy if u can.
    Run all your electrics and water.
    Batten the walls and ceiling.
    Plaster board and skim.
    One clean workshop with every thing hidden.

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