Longines case back enamel repair.

P1120636Longines had several models featuring a golden medallion with enamel inlay. It’s a very common defect to find the enamel has disintegrated from the medalion. The case back on the photo belongs to a Flagship featuring a ship with a navy blue background sailing on a green ocean. There are still some traces of blue and no green remaining. After some research I found a cold enamelling technique involving resin that hardens to create a durable and resistant surface.

The epoxy is mixed with colouring paste and hardener.


It is very important to get the right amount of everything and mixing it well, so that the hardening process is successful.

Longines Flagship case back. Enamel repair

On the Longines case back I have applied new blue enamel for the sky and the green for the sea*.

Revue Case back:


I also have this Revue sword and shield back, that still has traces of blue inlay.


I have applied the enamel.


I use lapping film to flatten the extra enamel after it has dried. I want a flat and even surface.*


Now that looks very neat!

I’m very happy with the result as the finish is very hard and resistant when properly cured. It took me 3 attempts to get the green finish on the Longines case back to harden properly because if you miss the exact amount or do not mix it correctly it will forever remain a sticky mess!;) If you would like this service the price is listed as following: A single colour case back will be £40 Two colours will be £60 And three colours £80 Advanced case backs will be charged depending on work required. *Note I will also order black to fill in the letters. *Only possible on flat case surface.

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  1. esglaser says:

    That’s such a great service to offer!!!! Great Mitka!

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