Service/repair Breil Manta calibre: Valjoux 7750

P1120479A client has sent in a watch that he unintentionally dropped from the 11th floor in 1986. There was an attempt by a watchmaker to fix it, but it would only run with chronograph engaged. It ended up in a drawer for 30 years before it was rediscovered and sent to me.


The osculating weight bearing is slack, but the movement looks good at first glance.


Watch is running only with the chronograph function engaged.


I tighten the rotor bearing in the staking set.


I take the movement out of the case.


I remove the hands and dial.


The movement is missing the hour recorder spring.


I start taking apart the top chronograph layer.


Down to the last bit of the gear train.


Old mainspring.


I fit the shock jewels and see that the balance moves freely.


I fit a new mainspring.


I fit the setting/winding mechanism.


Base movement back together and ticking.


Very good performance.


I start fitting the chronograph parts.


Almost back together.


I start putting the dial side back together.


I replace the intermediate date wheel!


Movement back together ready for the dial and hands.


Movement goes back into the case.

Valjoux 7750 service,

I fit the osculating weight back in place.

Another vintage watch serviced and ready to be enjoyed again! We agreed to paint the second, minute and hour recorder orange.


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2 Responses to Service/repair Breil Manta calibre: Valjoux 7750

  1. Gabriele Jannis says:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful work you’ve done restoring my old friend to its former glory!
    And thanks also for the excellent service provided during the process, with constant updates and shared decisions on how to approach this “resurrection” project!


  2. RyMoeller says:

    Exceptional work as usual. Hard to believe it took a spill from the 11th floor too- I suppose the previous watchmaker cleaned up a bit of that mess though.

    I like the look of this piece too- reminds me of the Heuer Camero. I’ve seen some LeJour’s from the period that look the same. The best looking chronographs to come out of the late 70’s and early 80’s in my humble opinion.

    Keep up the good work! :o)

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