Service: Citizen Super Jet calibre: 1160 and 1161

A client has sent in two very cool Citizen Super Jet’s for a service. 80m and a 150m(Japan Explorer)

The White 80M is fitted with a calibre 1160. The Jet series have the characteristic ring rotor construction. The main difference between the 1160 and the 1161 is how the rotor is mounted to the movement. Both movements also features a snappy quick set date change.

Now doubt this needed a service, just look at all the dirt! The rotor consists of one large ball bearing and if you look closely you can see the bearing balls are made out of rubies. (specific to the 39J variant)

The movement is cleaned and ready to be put back together. I measure the mainspring 1.10X.105X360mm and fit cousins number GR2628X 

I put the base movement back together and it’s ticking well.

We are very lucky to get a fitting NOS crystal from Japan. This is a massive watch! 

Movement goes back into the case and the watch looks stunning! I love it… 

Time to start on the 150M Japan Explorer! This is one of my favourite watch designs! I start by taking the movement out of the case. Citizen marks it’s front loaders  with a X on the case back. This watch has the almost identical calibre 1161

As you can see the rotor on the calibre 1161 has fixed mounting brackets unlike the calibre 1160 that is held in place with loose clamps. I believe this to be the only real difference between the calibre 1160 and 1161.

Again a lot of dirt around the rotor construction, no doubt this needed a good service also!  

Besides the dirt this movement is in very good condition.

Movement is cleaned and ready to be put back together. 

I fit a new mainspring and the movement comes back together. The dial, hands are just in fantastic condition and to top it all of, this watch gets a new sapphire crystal! Ohhh I would be full of envy had it not for me already having in my private collection!;)

At 37mm+ w/o crown these are big solid watches for mid 60s standards! I think 1960’s Citizen watches are extremely under-valued… In-house manufacture, great quality, interesting movements and fantastic design. I love them and you can expect to see some for sale next year!

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