Service: Seiko Lord Matic 7190-5606

This Seiko is a true rival to any contemporary swiss watch! Time has showed it has a couple of weaknesses, but nothing that can’t be remedied. This example is in good cosmetic condition, but not running and will need a service.

I’m personally not a huge fan of monocoque cases as they make my life a little more challenging. Adjusting is a pain and requires taking the movement out the case rather than just removing the case back. The annoying split stems make fitting the hands a pain, not to mention the risk of damaging something while getting those tension ring crystals out… Ohhh wait we are talking about Seiko… Seiko is a completely different story! The crystal is held in place by a bezel and the crystal sandwiches a fat gasket between the case for water protection, easy to remove and fit. The setting lever is made so that the stem can be released from the front, removing the need for split stem. It’s actually quite nice to work with. 

The most common issue with these movements is a faulty quick set. This is because the setting wheel is made out of plastic, this plastic splits with time and is flexible. When engaging with the date wheel it bends open and flexes backwards rather than forwarding the date wheel. 

Unlike the earlier automatic models the calibre: 5606 can be manually wound. Just look at that lovely micro regulator! 

The setting friction pinion (canon pinion) is attached to the driving wheel (second wheel) The Platax tool is a safe way to remove it. 

The movement has been cleaned and is ready to be put back together. On the upper photo you can see the hacking lever that engaged directly with the balance wheel. On the lower photo you can see I have fitted the shock jewels and testing that the balance moves freely. 

There are steel date change wheels available, but they don’t engage with the quick day setting, so I have bonded the wheel with glue to the tension spring, this does the trick and it works fine. I’m sure someone would be able to reproduce those with a 3D printer! Challenge anyone? 

What a beautiful movement this really is. The movement finish is very good and no less than of a Rolex calibre 1530 and better than a Omega calibre 1010. I fitted a new mainspring and the performance is very impressive. Positional variation is excellent and could probably pass a modern COSC test! Mind you this was made almost 50 years ago. 

The best thing about these Lord Matics is that the prices are very reasonable and to be honest underpriced compared to the quality you are getting! Especially when you compared it to the basic Rolex Air King prices! 

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