Service Eterna-Matic Centenair 61

A customer has sent in his beautiful Eterna-Matic Centinaire ’61’. It is in excellent condition, but loosing time and due a service.  

Remarkably the case back sticker is still in palace! Movement looks nice, but is dry and needs a service.  

I start by removing the autowinder mechanism. The 1428U is one of my favourite Eterna movements. Their later 1456 series and 1500 series are thinner and beautiful, but their autowinder mechanism are not as durable or efficient as the earlier model.

Movement has been cleaned and is ready to be put back together. I start by making sure that the balance moves freely after fitting the shock protection. Eterna has their own in-house shock system that is very nifty and efficient. 

The base movement comes together and runs very well. The micro regulator is another nice detail on these Eterna’s! 

What a fantastic watch! Wish it was mine… A little more in-depth article on Eterna will be coming soon. 

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