Review Omega calibre 470-505

In the latest movement review we are looking at the Omega calibre 470 family. The movement can with rose tinted glasses be seen as a semi in-house manufacture. It was actually developed by movement manufacture Marc Favre. The same Marc Favre that developed and supplied the UG 260. In 1953 Marc Favre joined Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogére (SSIH) that also incorporated Omega. So even though Omega did not directly develop or manufacture the 470 series it did belong to the same group by the time it was released in Omega watches. By March 1955 Marc Favre had been completely acquired by SSIH probably to secure all production and further developments for Omega. The 470 have several variations during it’s production run, until it was replaced by the evolved 550 series in 1960. Probably the most desired version of the 470 family is the 505 that secured a remarkable amount of chronometer certificates during the 1950’s.  

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