Movement review Cyma calibre 586

When Tavannes Cyma transitioned from making mainly pocket watch movements to wrist watch movements one of their finer pocket watch movements would be reborn and continue as a large wrist watch movement; this was the 15″ that was renamed cal: 586. Although not particularly innovative it is spectacularly well made and highly finished. At one point it was also given Cyma’s in-house (Cymaflex) shock protection. Below is a link to a Cyma calibre 586K being serviced and repaired. 


Tavanees Cyma watches that have the calibre 586 movements are popular due to their large sized cases, but these Jumbo Cyma’s can still be found at bargain prices compared to more known brands. Most cases are plated with stainless steel case backs, but a few can be found in solid gold cases. 

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