Jardur/Wakmann 24 hour Lemania calibre 3060

Jardur import company New York, was established in 1938 and specialised in aviation instruments that included a lineup of wrist watches. This watch has a very unusual Lemania case ref: 286 with calibre: 3060 movement modified to have a 24hour dial. 

Jardur would have to buy their Lemania watches from the official Lemania importers in the US; and in the 1950’s that was another New York based company: Wakmann watch Co.

Wakmann sold the same model, but with a Wakmann signed dial, movement and case. The Jardur watches would have Jardur signed dial, but with the Wakmann logo on the movement and case back. These logos on the Jardur watch would be etched over. I’m not sure if this was done by Wakmann or Jardur. 

Below you can see the Wakmann signed variant identical to the Jardur with exception of hand design. The Wakmann’s (Lemania) serial number suggests movement manufactured around 1959. One can also make out the etched out Wakmann logo on the Jardur case back and movement. The Jardur’s (Lemania) movement serial number indicates it was made in 1954. Another difference is the earlier watch had the Wakmann watch logo in the centre of the case back whereas the later was direct opposite the case ref number.  The Lemania catalogue with the case reference 286 was printed in 1956. 

The Jardur came to me in a rather sorry state and got some TLC.

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