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Service IWC Ingenieur 666A. Calibre 853

A client has finally found his personal grail watch after years of searching! It’s a IWC Ingenieur 666A calibre: 853. Lets get it running as it should!  

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Service Rolex 1675 GMT-Master “Root Beer” Calibre 1570.

Somehow I have gotten my hands on this classic Rolex Master-GMT.. It looks pretty clean, but the second hand is stuttering and the amplitude is low for a Rolex cal 1570. This has the two toned gold SS case, With … Continue reading

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Certina – A Hidden Gem Among Vintage Premium Watches

Among the premium manufactures of watchmaking’s golden age, Certina ranks as one of the most underappreciated and undervalued brands. Derived from the Latin certus (certain or reliable), Certina became synonymous with durability under the harshest conditions. Considered by some the equal of … Continue reading

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Eterna – A Name and Lineage Destined for Posterity

If ever there was an appropriately named watch company, Eterna is just that! With the benefit of hindsight, it’s apparent the vast horological lineage descended from this single company bequeathed an eternal legacy to watchmaking. Eterna’s influence on both technological … Continue reading

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Service Eterna-Matic Centenair 61

A customer has sent in his beautiful Eterna-Matic Centinaire ’61’. It is in excellent condition, but loosing time and due a service.  

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An Enduring Legacy of Innovative Design, Reliability, Presige and Value. Lemania part 1.

Tempus fugit, amor manet…  “Time flees, but love endures,” or so goes the ancient Latin proverb. Although perhaps not a universal truth, it seems an apt expression for the enduring place Lemania holds in many collector’s hearts. By:  Scott Burton*

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Service J. Auricoste Type 20. Lemania calibre 2040 fly back.

Here is a cool beast! J.Auricoste Type 20. Issued for the French air force in the early 1950’s. It features a Lemania calibre 2040! The crown keeps unwinding and the movement could do with a service.

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Service: Seiko Lord Matic 7190-5606

This Seiko is a true rival to any contemporary swiss watch! Time has showed it has a couple of weaknesses, but nothing that can’t be remedied. This example is in good cosmetic condition, but not running and will need a … Continue reading

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365 Watch Stories

A good client of mine is writing 365 watch related mini stories. I find them quite entertaining and maybe you will to! Check it out by Clicking on this link to his site. 

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Serivce: Lemania Ref: 204 calibre: 3050

Not many of these around! This watch was presented to the first price winners at the: Tir Federal (Swiss national shooting contest) in 1954! It’s in excellent condition, but needs a service.

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