Workshop update.

Floor 1

Finally we are seeing some real progress towards a completed workshop!;) The original floor was designed to cary animal waste down to a corner and out of the building. The easiest way to ensure a level floor plan is to construct a frame. On the photo to the left you can see we put down a second membrane (can’t be too careful) We have also bolted the joists to the floor with steel brackets as we don’t want any future sagging.

Floor 2

We also fit insulating material between the timber, leaving an air gap underneath that should prevent any moisture building up.

Florr 3

We use 22mm chipboards as the new floor surface.

Celing 1

Over to the ceiling, you can see we have made space for a latch.

Celing 3

Reinforced framework Hillbilly edition.

Celing 4

Fitting the plasterboards is a real pain in the neck!

Celing 5

A peek in the attic. I will lay down insulation once the electrician is done.

Celing 6

I’m happy to finally have a celling over my head! It will look superb once the plasterer has done it’s magic.

Floor 4

The finished base of the new floor:)

Next step will be fitting the electrics for the wall plugs and then putting up the insulated plasterboards. We will also be fitting a second super secure steel door behind the entrance door.

3 Responses to Workshop update.

  1. Timothy says:

    Hi Mitka, i see you are making good progress. Just wondering how you are heating the workshop and are you keeping with the orginal windows or adding more as daylight is a very important factor in watchmaking.

    • mitka88 says:

      I have ordered new double glazing windows 3 in total should make for a lot of daylight. Additional Lighting will be provided with two times 5200 Lumen LED lights;) I have Air to Air heating system that will also work as a dehumidifier and dust filter.

  2. Ricardo says:

    Great progress, Mitka! Congrats and looking forward to seeing it up and running!

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