Workshop update


The front door has been raised 15cm to accommodate for the raised floor. The outer door is not nearly secure enough for a workshop. So I have fitted a super heavy duty steel door. We have also fitted the insulated plasterboard on the walls. 

Workshop door inside

The door.

Heavy duty

This door should provide some additional security to the front door;)

Walls 1

The insulated plasterboard on the wall.

Next on the agenda is new double glazed windows that come next Monday, followed by plastering.

9 Responses to Workshop update

  1. matabog says:

    Very nice!

  2. Ricardo says:

    Great progress, Mitka!
    Love that you kept the old door… Looks like a secret place… the facade makes it look like a small shed, but inside, a whole different story 🙂
    Looking forward to sending over the first watch!

  3. Timothy says:

    Hi Mitka, you are making good progress with the workshop. Would you consider a centre island as these are very effective in swiss workshops though you would need to cable in underground wiring for power etc…

  4. cdj says:

    Great work so far. Our thieves enter through the windows. You should fit steel shutters to the window or steel bars of the tubular type that turn about a centre rod so that the cannot be sawn through! They are sold in France if not the UK. No solution if they come with oxy/butane except an alarm

    • mitka88 says:

      The secret latch with the shark tank will probably get them! New windows will be high grade reenforced laminated that can withstand quite a bit of beating. All windows will have spotlights from above and the workshop will have a good alarm system. Also all the neighbours are very alert.

      • CDJ says:

        Splendid – you have thought of everything. Now I know where to send my PP watch, Just one thought: sharks need lots of feeding but there are some interesting spiders in OZ.

        • mitka88 says:

          Yes sharks are high maintenance… Spiders crawl all over the place. hmmm a pit of deadly snakes is probably a good compromise.. What do you think? Death added or Tiger snake?

  5. Niklas Jakobsen says:

    Lookin’ good Mitka! That double glazed window is going to be sick!

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