Service: Omega Geneve calibre 1030


It’s not as popular as earlier Omega movements, but I like the 1030. This customer watch is in very good original condition underneath the damaged crystal and only needs a routine service. 


Performance is not too bad, but a service is in order as the movement is dry.


The melted case back tells me it’s a long time since this case back was last opened. The movement is also in excellent condition.


Case ref 136.0102


I remove the hands and dial.


Dial and date cover removed and everything looks pretty good.


There is the odd piece of dirt here and there, but overall pretty good.


Here you can see the gear train layout and the hacking lever.


Winding/setting and quick set mechanism is nice when in good condition but not so much when rusted and worn!


Old mainspring.


All the parts cleaned and ready to be put back together.


New mainspring in the barrel.


I start putting the movement back together. Here you can see the tension spring for the central second pinion.


Gear train coming back in place.


Winding/setting/quickset and date mechanism back in place.


Dial and hands back on the movement. Looks like the day it left the factory.


Very nice movement when in good condition like this!


Also a great performer!


Great looking classic!

4 Responses to Service: Omega Geneve calibre 1030

  1. Gary. says:

    Brilliant as always! Mitka do you think Omegas tend to rust more, especially around the winding mechanisms? I see a lot of the rusting in that area? This watch really looks pristine! Beautiful piece!

    • mitka88 says:

      Hi Gary,

      Omega movements do not rust more than other brand as they use good quality steel. But a lot of them have seen though lives with lot’s of usage without service and after the crown gasket gets damage.

  2. Timothy says:

    Just interested Mitka in which type of watch cleaning machine you use and the make of fluids you use in the jars? I know the L&R are popular but what the new Elma fluids now on the market?

    • mitka88 says:

      Hi Timothy

      These blogpost’s are from when I was with Christian at watchguy. He has a Greiner ACS900. Can’t remember fluid. For my new workshop I will use a L&R with ultrasonic.

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