Workshop update.

Roof insulation

The workshop build is nearing its final stage. I have painted the walls and celling, fitted the loft latch, insulated the loft, put down the flooring and the electrician has installed the lights, extractor fan and another 2o power sockets.


Painting inside.

Ceeling latch

Loft hatch installed.

Floor teksture

Padded linoleum flooring provides me with a softer surface in the scenario I was to drop something;)

Outside lights

I have also fitted some lights on the outside of the building.

Workshop door blue

The front door has also got a new colour. You can also see the extractor fan vent.


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I’m now waiting for the plumber and the cabinets to arrive this upcoming week.

6 Responses to Workshop update.

  1. Barry says:

    Looking great and when u finished , if u can find a small snooker table to fit in a corner , I’ve got a spare set of snooker balls and two spare ceu’s you can have.
    As all work and no play is definitely not good for you

  2. Barry says:

    Ok yes I know u might be pushed for room.
    However the spare balls that I’ve got are half size and made for a 4 or 5 foot table so if u want them just let me know.

  3. Gary says:

    Looks Fantastic! you have made a great deal of progress in a very short time! Congrats!

  4. CDJ says:

    Lots of work well done. Just one word of caution based on my own bad experience. Is the ceiling insulation fibrous? If so when you open the hatch there could be millions of little fibres in the air that are bad news for watch repairing. I spent 4 years cleaning out all of the glass fibre chez nous.

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