Workshop update.

Water heater

The interior is starting to take shape. I have had a water heater installed, the Air to Air unit is installed and the cabinets are assembled.

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The Air to Air heater has been installed and keeps the room at a very even temperature and works as a dust filter and dehumidifier.

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The cabinets have been put together. The left side row of cabinets had 10mm clearing from the wall;) 

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The high cabinet is the L&R Very Matic¬†and Ultrasoic machine’s new home. I have drilled out ventilation holes where the machines will stand. The cabinet is lined with studio sound absorbing material. The extractor duct is linked up to the fan in the ceiling.


My new workbench and chair.

Next is fitting the wood worktops and drawers and fronts.

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  1. Gary says:

    Really looking great! Awesome job! You must be extremely busy!

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