Service: Rolex Datejust. Calibre 2130

This little Rolex has gotten a good jolt and the crystal is smashed. 

The Rolex 2130 is a lovely little movement and this one looks to be in decent condition.

I would risk damaging the dial if I just took the movement out of the case. You need to turn the movement and there are loose shards. I remove the bezel and crystal and take out the shards from the front.

The glass is removed from the dial and the watch starts running again, but it can do with a service.

I take the movement completely apart. Everything seems to be in good condition. 

The movement has been cleaned and is ready to be put back together.

I get the base movement running and it’s preforming very well.

I have fitted a new crystal in the case and assembled the autowinder. The movement does not have dial screws, but the dial feet split in the middle securing it to the movement.

Now that looks much nicer with a new crystal;)

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