Rolex calibre: 1215 Restoration

A customer has sent in his vintage Rolex cal 1215 in need of some TLC. It’s running like a lame dog and the case is pretty beaten up. The hands have been replaced at one point.

At first glance the movement looks very good, but the case needs to be sent off to be restored. This adds quite a bit to the waiting time, but it’s definitely worth it.

I start taking the movement apart like normal, but I hit a big problem when I find that the boot screw has been broken off and the boot has been glued in place. Not only that, but one of the regulator pins have been broken off. The way it is now it is impossible to regulate the timekeeping…

I continue to take the movement apart and think up a way how to deal with the balance issue.

I remove the hairspring from the balance wheel and then quickly soften the glue in acetone. The glue then softens enough so I can release the boot from the balance cock. I don’t leave it in too long as the hairspring could start rusting.  After that I press out the jewel setting from the balance cock and dissolve the rusted out screw from the balance cock in Alum solution. After the screw has dissolved I clean all the parts.

After a little hairspring reshaping the balance swings freely after fitting the shock jewels. I now put the rest of the movement together.

I must admit that is better than expected;)

I fit some correct Rolex hands, that I have to admit looks much nicer! 

Another great job from replateit and the watch looks super crisp! 

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