Seiko 7s26-02JO Service.

A friend of mine, who is one of the most talented clock makers from the UK, decided to service his trusty Seiko. Clock tools are not ideal for watches so after loosing a cap jewel the project was abandoned. It would be cheaper to buy a new Seiko 5 than having this one serviced. We both think it would be a shame to leave it in that state, so I offered to put it back together as a favour.

I start by finding a new cap jewel and fitting the shock jewels to see that the balance moves freely. I then start putting the base movement together. 

The setting mechanism is placed under the train bridge. I only noticed this after first putting it together without it. I get the movement back together and it’s ticking like it should. This seiko winds via the autowinder only. 

What more do I want from a Seiko 5! This watch, considering the price, is by far the best value for money on the market.

I fit the date mechanism and then the dial and hands. Movement goes back into the case! 

It took me a little extra time putting this together as I have not worked on this model before and I did not take it apart. I’m very happy to get it back together as it’s a lovely watch!  

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