Service: King Seiko J145-582-E-AD

The King was Seiko’s Daini factories flagship watch that launched in 1961 in response to Suwas factories Grand. This example is in good, untouched original condition, but badly needs a service.

The case is made from Stainless steel, but the iron can still rust and it is not unusual in older Steel blends. At least the movement looks good! 

The setting lever spring is broken. Not to worry, the first generation King is acually based on the Champion

The movement is cleaned and a new mainspring is ordered based on the measurements of the old one.

I see that the balance moves freely after fitting the shock jewels. No lack of jewels in this movement, being a 25 Jewelled manual wind! 

I fit a new setting lever spring and wind the watch. It starts ticking straight away! and it preforms very well and actually has pretty good positional variation readings also. 

Now that has to be one of my all-time favourite designs! 

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