Repair Bifora Skin diver calibre: 910/1

A customer has sent me something I don’t see everyday! This Bifora Skin-Diver is not running and needs some TLC! 

The in-house calibre 910/1 looks to be in fair condition, but the rotor post is broken and needs to be replaced. Movement is dirty and will get a service.

I start taking apart the movement. The luminous compound is crumbling just by looking at it! It will need to be replaced. 

The movement is cleaned and ready to be put back together. I now notice the hairspring is deformed. I find a NOS balance for £30 it’s a no brainer to replace it. 

No doubt the B 910/01 is made with economy in mind! Very utilitarian design, note how the barrel does not have a lid! It is however fully jewelled and the finish is better than anything east of the wall from that time. 

I put the base movement back together with the new balance and it’s preforming very well.

As mentioned the luminous compound needed replacing as the old stuff simply was coming of the dial and hands with no hope of stabilising it. The second Skin diver in the photo is the later 115 that will be blogged about soon.

Movement goes back into it’s case. I have fitted a new rotor post. This is a great classic for any good collection;)

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