Service Omega WWW issue. Calibre: 30T2

A customer sent in his military Omega for repair. It’s got a broken mainspring and is not running.

Taking the movement apart I notice the hairspring is badly deformed. I try reshaping it, but it seems the strength has been lost and it does not preform. I end up replacing it with a donor cal: 30.T2

Not only is the mainspring broken it’s also completely wrong for this movement.

I get a donor balance, it also needed some reshaping, but was in much better condition than the old one. I put the balance assembly together and see that it moves freely. I then fit the correct mainspring onto the barrel.

Movement comes together and preforms like it should. The luminous compound in the hands have been replaced before and is falling out. So we decide to replace it.

Movement goes back into the case and what a cool looking watch!

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