Service: Patek Philippe calibre: 350

A customer has sent me his Patek Philippe calibre: 350 for a routine service. I only do these when the customer agrees 100% he will not blame me if anything goes wrong! I guess that is fair considering my service cost is about 5% of a PP service.

The Calibre 350 features the crown on the case back. To enter the movement I need to unscrew the fixing screw. This mechanism can be wound manually when crown is flush and time can be set when pulling out the crown. 

Dial is absolutely stunning and I would not want to scratch it!! This automatic movement utilises a ring rotor construction.  

The gear train and automatic gearing is all fitted into one bridge level! It’s fairly fiddly compared to the Citizen ring Rotor;)  

There is certainly enough parts! 

The movement is cleaned and ready to be put back together. I fit the shock jewels and see that the balance moves freely. The old mainspring is oiled and put back into it’s barrel. 

Thank the gods of watchmaking nothing went wrong and the movement is back together! 

The performance is very good!

Lovely watch.

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