Service: Universal Geneve Tri-compax. Calibre 381.

A customer has sent in a triple date chronograph! It’s a 1940’sUniversal Geneve Tri Compax calibre 481 This beast needs a service. 

At first glance and the movement looks to be in good condition. Important to remember those quick set pushers while removing the movement from the case! Once the dial is removed one can really appreciate the complexity of this movement.

It is a little daunting to look at all those parts, but sorting the screws out on Rodico helps. I fit a new mainspring and and put together the balance jewels and see that the balance moves freely.

The base movement comes back together and I see it preforms very well. 

The hour reset spring is cracked and does not work anymore! I get a replacement, but it’s from another version.. But With a little modification I get it to work correctly.

In modifying the spring I take out the securing pin and fit it on the other side. The securing screw hole needs to be recessed so not to block the month disk. 

Great to work on, but one of those you hope will not come back as a return!;)

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