Service: Angelus desk clock. Calibre: SF190

And now for something completely different. A customer has sent me his Angelus 8 day clock. It’s not keeping time and needs a service. I usually do not work on clocks, but how could I refuse this beauty.

First I have to get the movement out of the case. 

The movement is a Angelus calibre: SF190. It’s nicely decorated 15 jewel swiss lever. Not bad for a table clock! 

This movement does not have shock protection, if you dropped the clock you would have other things to worry about than the balance staff;) The gear train is driven by a massive mainspring.  

Movement has been cleaned. I put the smaller components in the cleaning machine, but bigger plates had to be cleaned manually. 

The balance and escapement are fitted into their own little unit that is then fitted to the movement. 

The calibre SF190 has also been used in pocket watches and airplane clocks. I know the Italian airforce used it in the 1940’s. What great heritage to have on your desk! 

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