Service Rolex 1675 GMT-Master “Root Beer” Calibre 1570.

Somehow I have gotten my hands on this classic Rolex Master-GMT.. It looks pretty clean, but the second hand is stuttering and the amplitude is low for a Rolex cal 1570. This has the two toned gold SS case, With a brown/burgundy gilt dial. This is the early mat dial version with the small luminous dots. This model has picked up the nickname “Eastwood” as it’s said to be Clint Eastwood’s favourite Rolex.

The watch has been keeping okay time, but the amplitude is far from where it should be! I will give it a full service! 

The dial is all original and in pretty good condition, I definitely do not want to scratch it.  Underneath you can see the GMT hand driving wheel!

Movement has been cleaned and I put it back together. I fit a new mainspring. To the left you can see I’m testing that the balance moves freely after fitting the shock jewels. 

The base movement back together and it is preforming much better! Actually what I would expect from a calibre 1570 in good condition. I put the dial and hands back onto the movement before casing it. 

The photos really don’t justify the watch! It looks great. At 40mm it’s borderline to big for me, but I guess i can suffer a little bit;) I understand why old Clint likes this one…  

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