Service IWC Ingenieur 666A. Calibre 853

A client has finally found his personal grail watch after years of searching! It’s a IWC Ingenieur 666A calibre: 853. Lets get it running as it should!  

The Case has a inner dust protector cap, that helps keep the movement clean and adds to the antimagnetic properties of the case. 

This example was sold new in Japan and is a non luminous compound issue. The lack of luminous compound is probably a contributing factor to the great condition of the original dial!

The entire movement is richly decorated with a fine finish. 

The movement is cleaned and ready to be put back together. I see that the balance moves freely after fitting the cap jewels. The balance setup is a work of art, adjuster screws on the balance spokes, Breguet hairspring and a micro regulator on the balance cock. 

I would have liked a adjustable beat error lever, but you can’t have it all;) After adjusting the beat error on the collet it’s running great. When fitting the dial I noticed the dial feet are a little out of alignment. My only solution is to reshape them into the right position. 

What a great watch no wonder the owner is happy! The Ingenieur is one of the more pricy IWC models, but this beautiful movement can be found in other stainless steel variants for a decent price. At current I would even suggest they are a little undervalued for what they are! 

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