Service: Seiko Crown Calibre 560

Seiko Crown calibre 560

We are planning a trip to the land of the rising Sun and I need a watch to match the surroundings;) So I picked up this beauty, but it needs a little attention before the trip. It’s not ticking nor is it looking it’s best.


Amazing early 60’s design. Some marks of time but has survived well.


Hands and dial removed, you can see the setting/winding mechanism.


In my excitement of taking the movement apart I forgot to take some photos, but here you can see the gear train after removing the train bridge.


Mainspring before cleaning.


Mainspring cleaned oiled and put back into the barrel.


All the parts cleaned and ready to be put back together.


Gear train coming back into the movement.


Movement almost put back together.


Movement put back together and ticking.


The movement is alive and well:)


Dial cleaned up nicely.

Seiko 560

I really like Japanese manual wind movements from this time period and looking at this Seiko 560 you can easily understand why;)


Now thats more like it:)

Seiko Crown

Ready to travel across the world.

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