Cyma Time-O-Vox calibre R. 464




This is one of my personal holy grail watch. Cyma Time-O-Vox! I have been looking for one since I discovered Cyma. This example is not working, but looks to be in decent condition. 


The movement looks to be in good condition.  


I take the bell ring out.


This alarm has a single barrel construction. Here you can see the upper timing wheel. When you wind the mainspring the timing wheel automatically resets. When the alarm is engaged the timing wheel will allow the alarm to ring for 6 seconds before stopping.


The movement comes out from the front. The sub second hand has been lost.


I have take the hands and dial off the movement.


The wigwag setting construction is a little confusing, so best take lots of photos;)


The Hour wheel is tensioned downwards towards the alarm wheel. When the alarm wheel pin aligns with the hour wheel slot, it moves downwards releasing the hammer lock.


Most of the setting mechanism has been taken apart.


Here you can see the alarm gear train.


I turn the movement around and start taking the base movement apart.


Here you can see the basic gear train layout.


I remove the alarm hammer.


Dirty mainspring.


All the parts cleaned and ready to be put back together.


I see that the balance moves freely after fitting the cap jewels.


I fit the hammer.


The barrel construction is pretty nifty. The click is attached to the ratchet wheel.


Here the gear train is back in the movement.


The base movement is almost back together.


Now for the more complicated part of putting this movement back together.


I place the movement into the case to get a better overview of how it all works.


The alarm gear train goes back in place.


The alarm setting mechanism is almost back in place.


It takes a little brainpower, but eventually I get it to work correctly.


Movement back in the case looking great. This must be one of the prettiest alarm movements ever made.


I think the character of the original dial is great! And I love the special lug design.

Setting instructions:

Setting the time: 1. Press in the upper button 2. Pull out the crown 3. Set the time 4. Push in the crown back in.

Winding: 1. Press in the upper button 2. Wind the watch.

Setting Alarm: 1. Press in the lower button 2. Set desired alarm time using the crown 3. Push the upper button until both buttons are in the middle position.

Disengaging alarm: Press in lower button.

Winding alarm: Wind the watch normally.

This setting mechanism is not the smoothest. If the alarm has rung, it sometimes does not want to wind. This is solved by engaging and disengaging the stem into setting position. I’m not sure if this is due to the engineers trying to do too much with a single winding stem, or if it’s wear and tear causing this issue. Nevertheless I still think it’s a great watch.


Perfect watch to get me out of bed in the morning.

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